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About Citywoodco

Citywoodco floors A main supplier of fine Wood works, Flooring, Decking, Pergolas and shades from Most known European and international factories to many projects in UAE and gulf region fitting both hospitality and commercial project needs, we have become known in the Market by reliability, trustworthiness and fine reputation. each design to suit the distinct brand and persona of every client. we offer a flexible and scalable set of services that can accommodate hospitality projects of any size, scope or market level. our rigorous attention to detail, high standards of quality, exacting specifications and documentation, adherence to budgets and meticulous follow-through ensures each project is completed on time and within budget. crucial to the development of the space plan and style of the design is the compilation of various elements established during the due diligence or planning process. these elements include discovering the history, context and condition of the job site, researching the local market and competition and understanding the owner and operator’s ambitions as well as their concerns.